Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Power of "The Secret"

Has anyone ever told you, you can't have something you really wanted or you ever wanted something so badly you can almost taste it? Or how about this, growing up you wanted one of those popular toys that everybody else had so you fantasized or dreamed of having one or wanting the freshest pair shoes and your mom said she weren't buying them because they were too expensive but you knew you just had to have a pair anyway. At the time you didn't know how you were going to obtain those items but all you knew you were going to get it no matter what. Well to get anything in life all it takes is believing in the power of "The Secret". The secret is asking, believing, and being patient so you can receive. Anything your heart desires you can have all you got to do it believe and it will manifest in your life. What you have to realize is things don't always happen on your time, but it happens when it suppose to happen. It's all about maintaining positivity in your life and changing your thought patterns to fit what "it" is you want. With that being said, it not always going to be easy and at times maybe even very frustrating but that's when you change the frequency of your thoughts. I believe, do you?

"Ask, Believe, and you will Receive!"

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