Friday, July 11, 2008

Scene 5 Take 4

Remember how I said Caramel's Tone reminded me of Jason's Lyric? I decided to write a short screen play.

Tone: Can I get a kiss?
Caramel: Sure you can.
T: Can I get some...
C: Don't push it Tone.
T: Well a brutha's gotta try.
C: Tone you know you ain't gotta try so hard.
T: I know but I like begging for it.
C: I like it when you beg.
T: Please give me some...
C: Tone!
T: Aight Caramel, just wanted to make you smile.
C: You always make me smile.
T: I do. Can I still get that kiss?
C: Of course you can. Muah!
T: That was nice.
C: Tone?
T: Yes, Caramel?
C: Can I get a kiss?
T: Sure. Muah!
C: Can I get some...
T: Caramel!
C: What? I thought you wanted some. Did you change your mind?
T: Hell no, but you gotta beg.
C: You like it when I beg, baby?
T: Yes baby, beg for it.
C: Please give me some...
T: Damn!
C: What's wrong?!
T: I just creamed all over myself.
C: You are so stupid.
T: Yeah, but you love stupid.
C: And stupid loves me.

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Caramel said...

This is funny Tone...when can we act it out?

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