Friday, July 11, 2008

turning over a new leaf

For now on, I will reframe from getting hard while we talk on the phone. I have also decided to make a genuine effort to stop focusing on sex in general. Here is my oath.

  1. I swear that for now on I will not think of sex while thinking of you, talking to you or texting you.
  2. I will no longer day dream about biting down on your soft round nipples until you say stop.
  3. I promise not to smile while I reminisce about having sex in the shower until the water was cold.
  4. I will no longer ask you on camera to take it off – uhh, uhh.
  5. I will not think about your lips and your tongue in places with tight spaces where pretty faces should not go.
  6. I swear to never bring up high heels, chocolate syrup and cherries in the same conversation so often.
  7. The word creaming will never again make me blush and make me cream.

I, Tone Alawishus Johnson, promise all of the above.

See I used my full “govmint” name so I got to be telling the truth.

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