Sunday, August 24, 2008


What happened to the good ole days when relationships were based on INTEGRITY, love, honesty, loyalty, etc.? There are many people in the world that are in long distance relationships and the only time you get to spend time with your mate is on the weekend, but throughout the week you talk on the phone telling one another how much you love him or her. You may even send an email writing your mate a love letter or send a few text messages. Long distance relationships can be very hard, but when you're in each other presence all the hard work it takes to make it work pays off. But what if you were a five day girlfriend. You talk to your mate everyday of the week except Saturday and Sunday. How would that make you feel? Last I checked there were seven days in a week not five. If you are a five day girlfriend you need to take a look at the relationship you're in and ask yourself is he worth my while? Or simply make him your five day man!!!

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