Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dressing Room!

Macy's, Belk, or Dilliards are just a few places in mind with dressing rooms! You might ask but why would you need a dressing room? Hmmmm.....let's take this journey of the dressing room together. Tone you're browsing in the men's departments of one of the stores mentioned above. Suddenly you see a shirt and a pair of pants you just got to have, but you gotta try them on first before purchasing the items. So you head towards the nearest dressing room. Finally you're in the dressing room and you're trying on the clothes and abruptly you hear a subtle knock on the door. You're hesistant at first to open the door because you're not sure who it is. Little did you know your girl Caramel was in the store too. Finally you open the door and you look directly in the eyes of your girl Caramel. You're very surprised and delighted she's there. Her eyes pierced your heart and your heart began to beat more rapidly as your hands began to get sweaty. Immediately you take Caramel by the hand and pull her into the dressing room. You began to kiss her gently on her neck from behind and caress her shoulders. You then turn her around and give her a very passionate kiss on the lips and slowly unbutton her shirt. She was about to slip off her stillettos but you quickly stopped her and said, "Keep them on." Slowly you pulled up her form fitting skirt and pulled the black laced thongs to the side. You grabbed both of my hands and placed them on the wall of the dressing room, slightly bend her over and without hesistation insert your manhood inside of my warm, wet, but tight vagina. Trying to remain discreet I let out a soft and very subtle moan but you continue to stroke Caramel's pussy getting deeper and deeper with each stroke. I could not contain myself anymore so my moans grew louder. That's when you placed your hand over my mouth and forcefully thrust yourself into me. Within a few seconds we began to cum simultaneously. It felt like magic and I can see the fireworks exploding as we climaxed at the same time. Wow, that was adventurous! Next time meet me in the bathroom at the movie theater :-)

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Tone said...

Phew!!! I am a little light headed. I usually don't like shopping but damn.

Now you know we would be have sex in a lot of crazy spots. Remember the interstate?

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