Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Shiiiit, boy you got me thinking 
I feel like I am shrinking in my own skin, 
from the top of my head down to my toe
It's not easy when you don't know 
what thoughts consume every inch of my brain 
sometimes I feel like I've been hit by a muthafuckin train, 
and all the blood, sweat, and tears I can see running through my veins 

 Shiiiit, boy you got me thinking 
I feel like I need to go out drinking 
with my girls so I can erase all the pain t
hat was caused by the love that was gained 
I'm here but you can't see me 
because you've been deceived 
so therefore you can't receive me 
Not every inch of my heart, body, and soul 
I am so ready to leap cross this threshold 

Shiiiiit, boy you got me thinking 
With my eyes closed tight 
and my ears wide open 
Can you hear the melody, "In my mind...." 
That's right nigga I'm coping 
I've put my heart on lock 
because I've been dealt a hand 
that's worst that a crackhead on crack rock 
"I know you can't understand" 
yeah that's what they all say 
when they have a hard time being a man 

Shiiiit, boy you got me thinking!

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Caramel said...

I was just up flowing...letting my creative juices flow so this is not directed at you tone.

Live Fearlessly