Sunday, March 15, 2009


My is what he calls me but its more than just a name
It's beauty, brains, and confidence so he proclaims
Caramel skin tone with light brown eyes
Every time he looks at me I feel butterflies
With long legs and skin so soft as he rubs up and down my spine
My has personality and attitude now how divine

Caramel is a name that he will never forget
She feisty, freaky, fun, and as beautiful as a sunset
But again Caramel is more than just a name
She's spontaneity with a nice slender frame
Caramel is one that everyone would love to meet
Because she's a freak in the bedroom but a lady in the street

Lady is what he calls me when he's trying to be polite
but that's the name that she demands when she's being upright
Lady is shy, sensitive but never shallow
because she's trying too hard to walk the straight and narrow
Lady got her shit together don't u agree
Two children, a home, a career and a master's degree

Miss Smalls is a name that explains it all
Sexy, confident, and so phenomenal
Head held high and a swagger in her walk
She ain't got time for that bullshit that u talk
My, Caramel, L, and Miss Smalls are all names that he calls me
Because she captures the true essence of a woman with grace elegantly

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