Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Monster part 1

Contrary to popular belief all Monsters aren't Big, Bad and Ugly....especially not The Chocolate Monster! I was in for a real surprise when we first met. I immediately began trembling in my boots because I just knew Monster was big and scary and wanted to seek and destroy.
Big, he was and very gratifying to the tongue...sweet, tasty, hardens in your mouth, and filled with plenty of white chocolate from that deep south.
A real piece of eye candy might I add!
His head sits perfectly on top of his body...smooth to the touch and very deceptive at first.
Upon meeting Monster he's very small in stature and limp to be exact,
But he grows to be big and tall and that's a FACT.
Havoc and mayheim he knew he would cause once he gets into them draws!
Upon entering I let out a my my Monster look how much you have grown.
Monster was gentle with each stroke,
But became more intense with each poke.
Our meeting was brief but I aint got no beef
Because I know it will get better each time we meet!


Anonymous said...

Im soooo Jealous of this Tone person (and if its not one in the same) the person who inspired this chocolate monster entry.Im so green with envy right now its pitiful.

Caramel said...

Oh my....a comment! I wonder who it!! Come back for more Chocolate Monster part deux will soon be released!!

Live Fearlessly