Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finding Forever

Yesterday was the past, today is the present, but tomorrow is my forever! I am in this maze that I would like to describe as life. As I venture through this maze looking for my forever I've had many detours, stops, turbelance, road blocks, and even a few delays put in my way. It's funny how when you're traveling hoping to reach your destination you never anticipate the obstacles that could alter your route making if difficult to reach your final destination. I always dream of reaching it to the top (happiness, unconditional love, peace, and joy). It seems every time I begin to climb the mountain to reach its peak I slip further and further to the bottom of this mountain of love. I'm in love and I know deep down inside I feel like he's my forever, problem is am I his? Over the past several weeks I felt like I've had a life changing experience. Feelings that I've always had but somehow buried or stored away in a safe place began to resurface and come to light in a sense. I never knew I could have these types of feelings for an individual who belonged to another. Our bond, our connection, our love is one that can never be torn by another, or replaced. With him I feel secure, I feel loved, I feel appreciated, I feel I can be myself because he gets me and understands my inner being. At the end of the day when reality sets in and I've awaken from this dream, I realize he may never be my forever. So my quest to finding my forever must continue!

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