Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Riding Ur Dick Everyday......

I'm a Ride or Die chic
Who likes to feel a thump in her clit
Yes I'm a RUDE bitch
Who likes to suck dick
I like a nigga whose a boss
Because he puts it down
And have me at a loss
For words because my brain
Is contained with some of his cocaine

Up and down round and round
He likes when I puts it down
He whispers, "No baby don't stop"
So thats when I pop, lock, and drop
This moist cream filled pie
Until I hear him let out a sigh

Wait a minute I ain't done
A sista still gotta make you cum
Faster and faster I begin
This RUDE chic is gettin it in
And slowly I let out a moan
Because I know I've climaxed all over his throne
My job here is done
But he's looking at me very stunned!
Wait a minute but I didnt' cum....

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