Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rikki Bobbi

Rikki Bobbi isn't just a dance
He's a strong, intelligent man filled with lots of romance
Whenever he opens his mouth and speaks 
Everyone stops and listens because he's just that unique
Oh and let me tell you about his walk
Makes you wanna have sex out of wedlock
Oh my gosh and his chest
I'm getting weak just talking about it because its the best
Oh wait a minute that's not it
He's a great father I must admit

Rikki Bobbi isn't just a dance
He's an entrepreneur with lots of finance
Mild mannered and very meek
And oh did I mention his physique
Oh yes this man is very blessed
And doesn't ever seem to be stressed
He's a joy to be around
Oh now my heart is starting to pound
Now it's time I bring this to an end
Without a doubt Rikki Bobbi would be a good boyfriend/husband

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