Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking my Power Back....

It's been a while and I got some shit on my chest! Phew, where should I begin!!! Been dealing with a whole lot of drama....ugh! I can't stand a mofo who can't appreciate a good woman/mother.  I mean for real you acting like a lil bitch over some pocket change.  That's the kind of shit I laugh at because in the words of Jorgie Porgie, "I'ts Ridiculous!!!"

You wanna go to war I suggest you put your battle gear on because this won't be no small bout!! You musta forgot who you f*ckin wit! I've let you have my power far too long and now I'm taking it back!  It's mine and you can't have it any longer.  As long as I was on your side, compromising, bending over backwards everything was all good!  But now that you see I have a backbone and refuse to back down from your punk ass you wanna issue idle threats!  Let's get one thing clear....I don't make threats baby I make PROMISES!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Take what is yours back and don't let anyone take it from you again

Live Fearlessly