Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Year in Review - 2010

Ha ha ha.....I gotta start out by laughing because this has been one helluva year! Let me take you down memory lane

Jinxed January
This year started out "on the rocks" so let's see where it will end!! 
Let's see.......Moss was the muthafuckin Boss....Yeah right!! Moss was a great loss!!
Can I get some Moscoto/cheese and crackers for losing all that weight!!!  Losing 200 plus, but I put back on 190 of those pounds.  Let me tell you not the best 190 so on that note...On to bigger and better...

Fabulous February
It's my's my birthday!  Yay...I turned the big 3-2 this month.  I must say I had a Fab birthday although it snowed and plans had to be altered, but I was showered with roses and a nice dinner.  Yes, I was taken to Chima's for my birthday, But this was the beginning of one of the worst emotional rollercoasters I've ever been on.  People or things aren't always what they seem!  If you let them do all the talking and just listen you will soon realize that the SHIT you smell is exactly that Bullshit!!!

Magnificient March
March went by so fast I don't quite remember it!  Oh yeah spent alot of time with BBQ....I mean a ridiculous amount of time.  I think that's what I ate, slept, and ugggghhhh I won't even go!!  It was fun....let's see where this takes us! Oh and did I forget to mention CIAA...yes it really went down and I got the pictures to prove it!

Awesome April
This was a good month....went to DC with one of my closest friends during Spring Break and we hooked up with some of our college friends and frat brothers.  We had a BALLLL!!  I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my entire life.  Whenever I get with my friend girl there's never a dull me when I say that.  So, on the way back from DC traffic was craaaazzzyyy, so we decided to play a lil game called Nigger Bitch....I know, don't ask!  To know us is to know that it was funny and we laughed endlessly!!!  Well when we arrived back in Charlotte she hopped on the road to ATL and not soon after I was behind her but just know I had to see BBQ before doing so :-) I don't think he was happy that I returned from DC and now on my way to ATL, but hey I went anyway!!  Got to ATL and low and behold who did I get to see that's right my bestfriend Tone! We had a great dinner at Ray's, great  conversation, and lots of laughter.  What an  outstanding way to end a vacation!

Marvelous May
I always love the month of May. The weather is right, my spirits are high, and my man was "Acting" right . What more can I ask for....oh and school was coming to an end so I just knew my summer was going to be "OFF THE CHAIN!"

Jagged June
Phew, I became physically and mentally drained this month.  My son was hospitalized the early part of this month and will be in and out for the duration of the month.  Do you know how hard it is to be in the same room with BD for an extensive amount of time...tough!  But there's nothing better than a great support system...if it wasn' for BBQ I don't know if I would have gotten through this month!  On a good note my daughter celebrated her 10th birthday.  She's always been a little princess and now she's becoming a dynamic diva.  She had the perfect Hula Party in Charleston at the water park! Pray for me ya'll!!

Jaded July
I am very tired which is needless to say....June took alot out of me!!  But we're On the road Boston, MA!!!  Man was it hot in Boston! Okay, I've been to Boston a number of times and never do I remember going through so many damn tolls.  My kids had a blast, my sister and I took them on several adventures....Aquariam, Rhode Island to the beach, Bunker Hill, Franklin Park Zoo.  Well, when we got back my son had to go back into the hospital :-(......Did I mention BBQ was acting a lil funny while I was away.  I wonder what's that about???

Annoyed August
Is it that time already? Shhhhhiiiitttt....Back to school!!!! I am very exhausted and in no way, shape or form ready to go back.  My trips to the gym have ceased....BBQ is really starting to piss me off and I feel fat and very unpretty.  Needless to say things are not going right!!! :-( Good News: Jordan starts Kindergarden this year....YEAH!! He's ubber excited and so am I!!  Wow, a 6 and 10 year old.  Is it me or am I getting old...whomp whomp!!

Solemn September
Well, shit hit the fan this month!  BBQ and I have parted ways....yeah I know!  I'm not happy about this at all, but it happened!  I'm not going into detail just know my heart is broken and I need to get back to me asap!  I'm so sad until its ridiculous...I can't eat, sleep....I feel like puking....OMG help me! I am anticipating October...going to ATL for Halloween....hopefully I will have mounds of fun!! BTW....My kids are great!

Outrageous October
Back on the road again!!  That's right your girl Caramel is going to the A!! I am soooo anticipating this trip. Got in Atlanta Thursday night...I'm tired but it was worth the ride.  Was able to see some of my closest friends.  My bestfriend took off work to hang out with me brought me breakfast in bed and even bought me a pair of boots :-) Saturday.....went to Pappadeux got twisted and bugged out!  It doesn't take much for us to have fun.  We agreed we would have one glass a wine which turned into 3 glasses! Anybody that knows me knows that it only takes 3 glasses for me....let's just say I was "Off the Chain!" Then we had to go find Halloween costumes....that is the reason I'm here!  Well, I found a costume I will be Naughty Gretchen ;-S  I'm not really feeling this costume but it's pack in here and costumes are scarce....that's what I get for waiting until the last minute!! Had a blast at Dugan's.....Coo Cooooo.....ha ha ha! The best part about tonight was where I ended up!! Slept great and I was comfy!!!! This was a much needed vacay!!!

Numb November
Honestly the only thing I remember about November is Thanksgiving! I was so looking forward to spending this Thanksgiving with him!  Still sad but life goes on! The holidays were great spent time with the fam went to this damn bama ass club...will never do that again! Saw! He proclaims he's still in love with me....yeah right! Move on son....what we had is soooo done! Well, I'm ready to get back home and have a Blakkout!!!  Oh snap Christmas is around the corner and I can't even go shopping on Black money!  It sucks having a job and only getting paid once a month!

Determined December
Back where I started "On the muthafuckin Rocks!" I ain't mad because soooo many lessons learned!! I finally got back to me and I have a wonderful friend in my life whose very supportive.  He's very easy to talk to and we had this crazy ass adventurous trip during the holidays!  I just pray that 2011 brings me an abundance of Joy!!

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