Sunday, March 27, 2011


Riding along South Boulevard mining my own business a guy in a Cadillac pulls up besides me and beckons me to let down my window.  He was cute but I took notice of his gold teeth and sped up.  He then sped up too and continued to beckon me to let down my window and I shook my head no and sped off again.  He began to smile and pulled on the left side of me and continued.  Finally, I let down my window and he said give me your number and I said no give me yours and he yelled it out.  I went ahead and programmed it in my phone and he said call me right now!  I had no intentions of calling this man....I promise!!  But I called anyway and we talked briefly.  We exchanged names and he promised to call me later.  Well, he did as he promised and again we had another brief conversation, but he said I like what I saw and I am interested in getting to know you!  Well, I am pleased to say that I am so glad I was riding on South Boulevard this particular day.  For the sake of the blog I'm going to call him "Corleone."  Since meeting him my life has changed! 

Let me go back and preface this story for you.  I've always been attracted to bad boys but I try to avoid them at all cost.  So, I became accustomed to dating men that made six figures, lived in really nice homes, drove nice cars, didn't have no more than one child and dressed really conservatively.  But I found myself completely bored with men of that type.  I like to refer to them as being LAME and wasn't my type! They just didn't bring any excitement to my life.

Well, well, well.....shortly after meeting Corleone I became ill with the flu. And I couldn't let him see me looking crazy, scarf on my head, with lounge clothes on, lips chapped, and coughing uncontrollably.  He insisted that he bring me some soup and gatorade.  So, I let him.  When he arrived at my house he kept looking at me and I was extremely timid because I knew I looked bad.  He said, "You're still beautiful even though you're sick!"  He sat with me a little while and asked if there was anything he can do for me.  He left and I was impressed. He was exactly the kind of guy I tried to steer clear of.....he's extremely attractive, yes he has gold teeth on the top and bottom, tatted up, and has a bit of a bad boy history!  But I promised I wouldn't judge, and would get to know him for myself.  So, we began to talk on the phone every night and we planned our first date.  He picked me up like a gentlemen and even waited while I finished getting dressed.  I must admit I was a little nervous, but he made me really comfortable.  At this point we weren't a couple, but he treated me I like I was all his.  He held my hand, stared in my eyes, and told me how beautiful I was.  Again, I was impressed and my perception of him changed because his gold teeth and many tattooes were not an indication of who he really was.  He's caring, loving, sincere, genuine, funny, romantic, and so much more.  How can someone not fall in love with all of that?!  Things are still going strong....and it's times like this I must remain strong and persevere. Yes, we made it official and I have a really good feeling about Corleone!  He makes me happy and I pray with each day that passes it gets even better!

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