Friday, July 1, 2011


Sadness has struck me once again
I feel like turning up a bottle of gin
I wish I could erase away all the pain
And start all over in a new domain
Why did it have to come to this
I thought I was living a life of bliss
How could one night of pleasure
Can be a lifetime of anguish without measure
Damn I need a cigarette
To smoke until I am no longer upset
Please somebody wipe away the tears
And also every last one of my fears
A life of sadness is not a desire
But that's the price you pay when you dealing with a liar
Bring back my life of content
Or rather yet give me a fence of barbwire to wrap my heart
And protect it from niggas who are less than 100 percent
You say you love me but how can you
Play me for a fool and leave me feeling blue

Sadness has struck me one last time
Feeling overwhelmed, shit I can't even think of a rhyme
My heart is racing from fear of deception
You've hurt me with this conception
Where do you get off being so bold
This hurts worse than a fuckin head cold
Sorry is not enough when your hearts been ripped out
You've done your fair share, no doubt
All I want is love again
To darken the pain here within
How could you make such horrid mistake
And cause my heart to ache
This is selfish don't you think
Wait a minute before you answer, let me pour myself a strong drink
As the sun goes down and I feel a little weary
My eyes are definitely more than just a little teary
Lord please take this misery away
And bring back a brighter day

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