Monday, February 18, 2013

Rock and a Hard Place

I haven't posted in a while but I'm back now!  I realize that blogging/writing is an outlet for me. I now recognize how therapeutic is was for me....especially during difficult storms.  I wish I could say things have gotten better and I'm in a good place, but I will continue to revel in future blissfulness. I still believe that good and bad eventually comes to pass!  But to catch you up to speed I can say not all things are hellacious.

More than a half year has passed and I've had some interesting let's say encounters (insert smirk here).  Idiots and lames aren't welcomed into my world sorry I have no tolerance for that (in my Sweet Brown's voice...ain't nobody got time for that...LOL) At the end of the day we all want a world filled with happiness and it's my right and everyone elses to get that.  We are all deserving creatures to some extent. 

Now onto the GOODS or should I say my NOW!!  I've been very occupied with Don Corleone, and anybody that knows me know what I am speaking of.  It can be tiresome at times, but one thing that I am is Loyal and I believe I will forever be.  But my patience sometimes run thin (nature of the beast...shrugs).  I'm tired now and beginning to desire more! Soooo, I started to explore and low and behold I run into NY accidentally.  I'm not a girl that is desperate or goes looking, I never initiate or pursue just not in my nature.  Once I'm caught I do entertain if you know what I mean. 

So, in the wee hours of the morning me and TK was dizzily trying to make our way to the car upon leaving B and B. In a distance I heard male voices but nothing that really caught my attention until I heard a guy say and I quote "And look at these B*tches!" referring to us.  Me being who I am turns around and says, "Who the F*ck are you calling a B*tch?"  He then proceeds to tell me he wasn't talking to us...yeah right.  As I continue to go back and forth with this prick, I look to my left and this handsome hunk of chocolate takes over my attention.  Midsentence I stop and say in my most enticing voice....well hello there.  He greets me and we shake hands...actually the hand shake lingered.  He takes my number and shortly after TK and I scurry along.

Honestly I did not think much of my encounter with these guys until my phone rang with a foreign number that appeared on the screen.  I had no clue who it could be and usually I don't answer calls if I don't recognize the number, but I answered anyway.  I answer with a hello in my girly voice and a very peculiar voice says hello.  I'm trying to pick up on the voice but I fail miserably.  Then he says, this is NY from last night.  I'm taking aback that he called me.  I never intended to call him or have him call me especially when I meet someone in that type of atmosphere.  Conversation was short but sweet.  Minutes following we exchanged photos through text message and that same hunk of chocolate that stop my very heated argument with that prick clouded my vision once again.  He was even better looking than I remembered.  I couldn't contain myself and my face was lit up like a Christmas tree.

It's weeks even months later and our relationship has evolved but not without conflict. There's all sorts of twists and turns but like anything else you continue to have faith and hope that it works out in the end.  So, that's where I am right now....stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place.  Do I remain loyal or move forward?  We shall see....

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