Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I was inspired by Beyonce to write this piece....so here goes

(Clears throat)

I decided to turn up a bottle to ready myself for what's to come
A big long thick pole filled with white chocolate and jamaican rum

Gripping it with both hands...it grew to a size that had me stunned
I squeezed it tightly then popped the top...it spewed out like a machine gun

I grabbed tighter but it sprayed my face
I licked my lips because it was a taste I surely could embrace

I backed up off it and gave it a stare
Then the aroma hit me, ripe pears and spiced apples filled the air

The flavor was just so devine
I had to go in for a second time

I grabbed it by the neck with just one hand
I was amazed at all that was trapped in one small brand

Flavors were bursting and my palate wanted more
I begin to feign as I continued to explore

Finally it was all gone down to the very last drop
Damn that Dom P got me feeling like I'm on top!

I been dranking...lol!!

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