Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two Eleven - Blakkout

"Cheers to the freaking weekend....I'll drink to that!!"
It's a's my birthday now let's run it back!!

Tonight was magical no doubt
Of course it ended in a Blakkout

Lights down, music on blast
Eyes were posted on this outkast

Sexy hips with nice full lips
Niggas looking cause they can't resist

I'm in this bitch with my head on swole
Bitches in this bitch looking like woah

Yes I'm hot there's no denying
Ask your man because he's supplying

Me and my girls with these drinks
I turn around and bout 10 niggas giving me winks

It's getting late and I'm walking sideways
I'm turnt up ask my girl T.K.

Two fingers B and B, its on to the next
It's time to get it in I feel like being sexed

After party at the Blakkout
Bout to make it rain in this drought

It's time to put in work
Bend over and make that thang twerk

Finally I can roll over and go to sleep
Because the Blakkout got me feeling so complete!

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