Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day After Bliss

Stress and frustration is in the air
The look on your face says that your mind is elsewhere.

Pacing back and forth with no peace in sight
Nothing I say is making you feel right

Baby it's okay, we will figure it out
But your mind is filled with rage and doubt

Finally there's a break in the day
And the look on your face says you're re ready to slay

You gave me a look and I beckoned you over
You brushed my upper back and I quivered all over

Our eyes locked and you pulled me near
I blushed and timidly whispered in your ear

We locked lips and played tug-of-war
The force between us was for sure hard core

We gripped, pulled, and tussled back and forth
 and with certainty tested each others' worth

Your full lips caressed my breast
While I gently stroked and kissed your chest

You grasped my legs and pulled me closer
I let out a moan and said Poppie go slower

You bit down on your lip
then grabbed my hips

Penetrated my soul with white chocolate bliss
Day after I'm quivering while I reminisce

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