Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Memories 2008

Promises don't mean a thing....

You say u can't live without Caramel but yet you seem so distant. You say you love me but why does it hurt?

Memories that will never be forgotten! Mid April is when it all began.....Up hours upon hours talking and chatting. Friday, May 23 It became real ...so close but so far away-first impression :-)-first kiss (soooo tantilizing)-nervous ride around ATL-appetizers and wine (we got toasty)-and the rest was history....Friday, June 13...An amazing day! Again so close but so far away.....Greenville felt like a maze-Panera Bread?.....Cracker Barrel....love the eggs-Time to "Take it off...Uh, Uh!"-PF Changs...I was so in love-Mall (Thanks for the compliments)-Back to ES-Lots of kisses and lovemaking. Saturday, June 28....Florida here we come. Long ass ride....sorry I slept most of the way,IHOP..lots of laughs. St Petersburg-Caramel got sick...sorry Boobie, I almost ruined our trip-Laying on the beach (felt so good to be with you)-Video time ;-)-Eating at a fine restaurant on the beach (so romantic)-Damn, sick again. Sunday, June 29...We gotta leave so soon-Oh I will never forget Subway-Interstate!!-Pulled over by Officer...no ticket because of your girl-Outlets-Damn back in ATL-Panera Bread-Movies-Sushi-First fight To be continued.....

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