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Lameka Smalls

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Lameka Smalls is a Charlotte-based author and founder of Caramel and Tone. 

Where writing began as a hobby for Lameka, it has always been her passion

and has now evolved into a priceless gift to be shared with the world. 


With a decade of writing poetry and short stories to her credit, Smalls has penned her first book of poetic stories, Thinking Out Loud, to tantalize the heart of her readers. She was also a featured author in Covered. Not Quiet. a recently published open letter to the black man, from the

black women in support of the black lives matter movement.


When not absorbed in Caramel and Tone, Lameka loves indulging in decadent culinary delights as an Elite member of Yelp. She also enjoys interior design and spending far too much time at her computer.

She spends her summers relaxing, and exploring the world with her

closest friends and two children, Londyn and Jordan.